Persistent sore throat

What Causes Your Constant Sore Throat?

Experiencing constant sore throat can affect the productivity of your life. Since there are other conditions that are associated with sore throat like fever, there is a tendency that you might miss school or work. The discomfort also brought about by sore throat alone is threatening. While there are some people who will never experience a single episode of it, unfortunately there are some people who pick up cases of constant sore throat.

Reasons why constant sore throat happens

Below are some of the reasons why persistent throat swelling and inflammation occur.

Suppressed immunity

The body is equipped with the ability to ward off diseases. However, if you are suffering from low immunity, you are more vulnerable in developing conditions. Likewise, you might find it hard to recover easily from certain infections like sore throat.

Bacterial infection

Bacteria can re-occur, especially if you were not given the right medications during the first time you encountered sore throat. If this happens, the bacteria in your body can live inside you for years. As a result, you might always find yourself battling with sore throat.

Viral infection

Common cold virus strains are very easy to acquire. They are also recurrent just like sore throat from bacterial infection.

Food sensitivity

Allergens from food are common throat irritants. Say that you are sensitive to a certain food, every time that you eat that food, it can cause throat pain.

Alleviating persistent sore throat

Constant sore throat is very easy to manage. If you know that you have food allergies, you can start limiting your intake of the food that triggers your allergens. In bacterial and viral infection, always see to it that you follow the directions of your physician regarding medicine and dosage intake.

If you would like to know more about the proper management of constant sore throat, you must know what causes the condition and what treatments are suitable for it.


Persistent Sore Throat – Causes to Watch Out

Persistent sore throat is a mild disease that causes dryness and soreness to the throat due to viral or bacterial infection. It is also an infection of the respiratory system which can cause dry cough and other related diseases. Thus, irritation as well as difficulty in swallowing of foods and other liquids is the usual complaints of the patients. In this category you will learn the importance of identifying the different causes of constant sore throat.

There are many reasons that contribute to persistent sore throat. This can be caused by one or two of the following:

Low immunity

People with poor immunity are prone to any kind of disease such as sore throat since they are vulnerable to picking up the infections. The immune system becomes too weak to fight foreign bodies. This can be caused by stress, smoking, unhealthy diet and genetic weakness.


Constant strain on vocal cords

Constant sore throat can be caused by excessive strain on the vocal cords. Those people who are professionally engaged in teaching, singing or those who yell and scream for extended periods of time are prone to this disease.



Exposure to all kinds of allergens such as dust, pollen, mold, dust mites and animal danders may cause persistent sore throat. Vehicle or cigarette smoke must be avoided because it can also trigger irritation in the throat. Even food items can spearhead allergies which in turn causes sore throat.
Breathing through the mouth

When you breathe through the mouth rather than your nose, it leaves your throat dry and irritated. This condition happens when you are suffering from a bad cold, wherein, the nasal passages are blocked causing you to feel thirsty all the time.


There are many factors contributing to persistent sore throat. Hence, it is important to identify what is exactly causing this problem.  The subsequent posts will help you learn more about the causes and the different methods on how you are going to treat this condition.



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