Sore throat allergies

Sore Throat from Allergens – Are You At Risk?

Sore throat can be attributed to many things and one of which is exposure to allergens. This particular condition is very common, especially among people with food, dust, pet, and air allergies. You can suffer sore throat from allergens. If you are not careful or if you are not aware of what can trigger it, you have increased chances of acquiring sore throat.

Top allergens to watch out for

Just like sore throat from virus, sore throat from allergens is very easy to get. A mere exposure to things that you are allergic to is enough for you to experience this condition. Some of the things that can cause sore throat include the following:

1.       Dust

Exposure to dust, air, smoke, and smog can trigger your allergens. Once this happens, you will experience a coughing, sneezing, or wheezing bout that can infect and irritate your throat. You are also at risk for developing runny and clogged nose.

2.       Flowers

Plants, especially flowers contain pollens. If you live in a house with a garden, you are more prone to getting this allergic reaction. Pollens are so small that they can be carried through the air. You can easily breathe them even if you do not have any plants nearby.

3.       Food

One of the most common causes for developing sore throat because of allergies is food. In order to avoid this, be mindful of the things that you eat. If you know that you are allergic to seafood or chicken, pop in an antihistamine as a precautionary measure.

Compared with viral sore throat, sore throat from allergens is very easy to attend to. There are a number of medicines in the market that can help you ease the pain that you feel. Always remember that if the throat inflammation is caused by allergens, it is important to treat the signs and symptoms like sneezing first.


Factors that Lead to Sinus Drainage Sore Throat

Most people do not realize that every day they experience sinus drainage. Even if you think that you are fit and healthy, it is still possible for you to suffer from sinus drainage sore throat. The body produces various types of liquids it needs. Saliva and mucus are vital in proper functioning of the body.

Sinus drainage sore throat can occur even with the simplest acts. Whenever you swallow in your saliva or blow your nose, there is a tendency for the mucus or saliva to build up. You will never realize it until you start experiencing symptoms associated with the condition such as upset stomach, swelling of the throat, and extreme pain. There are also times wherein a patient will also acquire fever, migraine attacks, and fatigue.

Environmental factors that affect your health

Many cases of sinus drainage sore throat are brought about by the environment. If you are always on the go, you are more exposed to allergens that can be found within your surroundings. Some of them include the following:

1.      Pollens

Pollens from plants and flowers are easily transmitted in the air. Many people are allergic to pollens since they can trigger sneezing and coughing spells.

2.      Dust

Polluted air from vehicles, buildings that emit smoke, cigarette smokers who you pass by or walk with can also set off your allergies.

3.      Viral infection

Colds can be passed from one person to another. If you are in an enclose space and somebody nearby sneezed, the virus can directly affect you. Once you contracted viral infection, this will start your bout with sore throat and sinus drainage.

Sinus drainage sore throat is not as serious as what most people deem it to be. There are various over-the-counter drugs that you can take. They can deliver the relief that you need. For the meantime, take extra care of your health. Strengthen your immune system against diseases and viruses.


What Triggers and Prevents Sore Throat Allergies

Sore throat allergies are caused by foreign invaders in the body. Once the immune system is down, the body is more vulnerable to diseases. Some of the substances acquired by the body may be harmless, but the body still reacts to it in order to protect itself.

Understanding Sore Throat and Allergies

Severe swelling of the throat can lead to soreness and swelling. Sore throat is very painful, especially on the part of the patient. Aside from the pain associated with this condition, you may also find it very difficult to eat, drink, and speak.

It is usually caused by viral or bacterial infection. Although in most cases, it is caused by flu. There are also times wherein sore throat is associated with clogged nose, colds, and severe coughing. Sore throat allergies can also be deemed culprits. Even the surroundings can trigger this condition.

Ways to Cope with Sore Throat Due to Allergies

The cause should be determined in order to provide the patient with the best care for sore throat. A visit to the doctor is the wisest decision that you can do since the doctor can better diagnose the condition and prescribe the necessary medicines needed.

Aside from that, home remedies can also help as well as certain precaution measures on the part of the patient. When you know that you encounter allergic reactions to certain food or scent then it is best to stay away from them.  In addition, try to avoid exposure to dust, industrial wastes, fumes, fragrant and blooming flowers and other potential allergens. Constant irritation due to these allergens can lead to sore throat and or allergic rhinitis.

This category will discuss everything you need to know about sore throat allergies.  The succeeding posts will inform you about the common allergens that trigger sore throat and you can avoid them.

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