Sore throat causes

Causes and Treatments for Sore Throat

Infections caused by bacteria and viruses are the root cause of sore throat. The problem may also be caused by smoke, fumes, dust, cough or even infections in the teeth and gums. When you do not have a clean toothbrush, bacteria may also thrive there and cause sore throat. Colds can also cause sore throats most of the time. Chicken pox and measles can also cause you some sore throat.

The sore throat will make you feel weak so there is a need for you to address the problems so it can be alleviated. The first foods that you must prioritize eating are those foods rich in vitamin C. This will fight the infection and eventually the sore throat can also be stopped. Lemon juice is a very good source of vitamin C. You can also drink some vegetable juices if you want to drink a different refreshment.

There are also herbs that you can rely on in times of sore throat. Keep yourself up with some eucalyptus. The oil will heal the inflamed tissue. If you want more herbs, you can try the garlic too. You can drink it as a tea and it will destroy the virus and bacteria.

Water therapy is still an undying remedy for sore throat. Take some steam bath or hot bath for some relief.  


Natural Remedies for Sore Throat


A sore throat is the aching, soreness and discomforts around the throat area which is usually caused by severe inflammation of the throat or pharyngitis. However, it can also turn into diptheria, trauma or other disorders. The soreness and the discomforts can go from mild to severe.

Causes of Sore Throat
    Bacterial Infection
    Viruses
    Cigarette or Tobacco Smoking
    Yeast Infection or Oral Thrush
    Sinusitis

    Red Sage Gargle/Tea: Blend 1 tsp of dried red sage in 1 cup boiling water, cover and leave for 10 minutes, add vinegar if to be used for gargle 4 times a day. If to be drunk as tea, omit the vinegar.
    Fresh Sage Gargle /Tea: Boil 600 ml water and fresh sage, add 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper.
    Cut Onion soak it in honey, cover the cup and leave it for an hour. Take a spoonful of honey after a few hours.
    Blend in 2-sprigs of parsley, 3 cloves, 1 tsp of powdered myrrh, and 1/4 tsp powdered goldenseal with 1 pin boiling water for tea. Use this to gargle or mouthwash.
    Fenugreek seeds with water is a beneficial gargle to sore throat.
    Spice Cinnamon boiled in with water and a pinch of powdered pepper. The oil in cinnamon blended with honey alleviates sore throat discomforts.
    A drink of – 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, a dash of cayenne pepper, a few drops of lemon, a tsp of honey, and 1 cup of hot water is an excellent drink for sore throat. Drink up to 4 times a day with this helpful drink mixture.
    Make tea with 1-2 tsp dried chamomile blossoms and 1-cup boiling water., a cup every after a few hours.
    Gargle lukewarm saltwater.
    4 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp honey, a dash of cayenned pepper, chew or swallow is a goof relief for sore throat discomforts.
    Boiled basil leaves used as tea or for gargle alleviate pain from sore throat.
    Gargle boiled mango bark mixed with 10 ml of fluidextract with 125 ml of water.

Home remedies for sore throat are extremely helpful when you are plagued with sore throat. For more details and information on home remedies for sore throat, check our website for more updates on home remedies for this painful sore throat.


What Causes a Sore Throat in Children?

Sore throat is one of the most common health problems that occur during childhood. It affects children aged five to 11. Aside from bringing severe pain to the patient, it burdens parents and health-care providers all the more. In order to give the best possible care to children, you need to know what causes a sore throat. This will pave the way to better treatment outcomes.

Just exactly what causes a sore throat? Here are some possible reasons behind this disorder:

1. Viruses – About 90 percent of sore throat cases are because of viruses. This can bring swelling and severe pain in the throat. Some of the virus strains that causes painful throat include the common cold virus, adenovirus, influenza, and the Epstein-Barr virus strain. A viral sore throat can be accompanied by the following signs and symptoms: runny nose, high fever, congested runny nose, skin rash, and diarrhea.

 2. Bacteria – Aside from virus strains, certain bacteria strains also bring sore throat. The Group A Streptococcus is one of the well-known bacterium that threaten your child’s health.

 3. Allergic Rhinitis – Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of in the nasal airways. This is triggered by various factors like pollen in the environment. Once can also get it as a reaction to an allergen.

 4. Dry air – Even the air can cause sore throat. During winter months, the air that people breathe is drier than ever. Breathing dry air can infect your throat.

 5. Blockage in the throat – Children are prone to developing sore throat because they are often putting things in their mouth. If there is a foreign object blocking the respiratory tract, the esophagus, and throat, that object can irritate the throat and lead to swelling.

As a parent, it is vital that you know what causes a sore throat. This will enable you to act accordingly during emergency situations.


Sore Throat from Allergens – Are You At Risk?

Sore throat can be attributed to many things and one of which is exposure to allergens. This particular condition is very common, especially among people with food, dust, pet, and air allergies. You can suffer sore throat from allergens. If you are not careful or if you are not aware of what can trigger it, you have increased chances of acquiring sore throat.

Top allergens to watch out for

Just like sore throat from virus, sore throat from allergens is very easy to get. A mere exposure to things that you are allergic to is enough for you to experience this condition. Some of the things that can cause sore throat include the following:

1.       Dust

Exposure to dust, air, smoke, and smog can trigger your allergens. Once this happens, you will experience a coughing, sneezing, or wheezing bout that can infect and irritate your throat. You are also at risk for developing runny and clogged nose.

2.       Flowers

Plants, especially flowers contain pollens. If you live in a house with a garden, you are more prone to getting this allergic reaction. Pollens are so small that they can be carried through the air. You can easily breathe them even if you do not have any plants nearby.

3.       Food

One of the most common causes for developing sore throat because of allergies is food. In order to avoid this, be mindful of the things that you eat. If you know that you are allergic to seafood or chicken, pop in an antihistamine as a precautionary measure.

Compared with viral sore throat, sore throat from allergens is very easy to attend to. There are a number of medicines in the market that can help you ease the pain that you feel. Always remember that if the throat inflammation is caused by allergens, it is important to treat the signs and symptoms like sneezing first.


Important Information about Sore Throat Virus

Every year, millions of people complain about their painful throat. Sore throat virus accounts for more than 90 percent of cases of this annually. Virus strains are easily transmitted and they are very difficult to kill. There are some viruses that thrive in a person’s throat and if you are not proactive in treating it, it can cause you severe pain and other complications.

Viral sore throat – How do you acquire it?

Sore throat is usually accompanied by other health conditions with the likes of sneezing, coughing, and even fever. If you are experiencing sore throat virus, you can easily pass the disease to another person easily. Say that you are inside your house and you sneezed without covering up your mouth and nose, the person sitting next to you is at risk for acquiring it. Same goes if you are inside an enclosed space like an elevator and someone coughed, and that person happens to have viral sore throat, in a matter of days you will develop it as well.

On the signs and symptoms

Most sore throat cases usually go away on its own. But in the case of viral sore throat, it may take a longer time. Some of the most common signs and symptoms that you need to look out for include the following:

  1. Severe pain in the throat
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Difficulty in swallowing food and drinking in fluids
  4. Fever that comes and goes
  5. Fatigue

What to do?

Treating viral sore throat is not the same as treating ordinary sore throat cases. You need to have yourself checked by a doctor so he/she can prescribe the right drugs for you.

Meanwhile, you may also opt to make use of home remedies that can provide you with temporary and immediate relief from sore throat virus.

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