Sore throat symptoms

Natural Remedies for Sore Throat


A sore throat is the aching, soreness and discomforts around the throat area which is usually caused by severe inflammation of the throat or pharyngitis. However, it can also turn into diptheria, trauma or other disorders. The soreness and the discomforts can go from mild to severe.

Causes of Sore Throat
    Bacterial Infection
    Viruses
    Cigarette or Tobacco Smoking
    Yeast Infection or Oral Thrush
    Sinusitis

    Red Sage Gargle/Tea: Blend 1 tsp of dried red sage in 1 cup boiling water, cover and leave for 10 minutes, add vinegar if to be used for gargle 4 times a day. If to be drunk as tea, omit the vinegar.
    Fresh Sage Gargle /Tea: Boil 600 ml water and fresh sage, add 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper.
    Cut Onion soak it in honey, cover the cup and leave it for an hour. Take a spoonful of honey after a few hours.
    Blend in 2-sprigs of parsley, 3 cloves, 1 tsp of powdered myrrh, and 1/4 tsp powdered goldenseal with 1 pin boiling water for tea. Use this to gargle or mouthwash.
    Fenugreek seeds with water is a beneficial gargle to sore throat.
    Spice Cinnamon boiled in with water and a pinch of powdered pepper. The oil in cinnamon blended with honey alleviates sore throat discomforts.
    A drink of – 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, a dash of cayenne pepper, a few drops of lemon, a tsp of honey, and 1 cup of hot water is an excellent drink for sore throat. Drink up to 4 times a day with this helpful drink mixture.
    Make tea with 1-2 tsp dried chamomile blossoms and 1-cup boiling water., a cup every after a few hours.
    Gargle lukewarm saltwater.
    4 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp honey, a dash of cayenned pepper, chew or swallow is a goof relief for sore throat discomforts.
    Boiled basil leaves used as tea or for gargle alleviate pain from sore throat.
    Gargle boiled mango bark mixed with 10 ml of fluidextract with 125 ml of water.

Home remedies for sore throat are extremely helpful when you are plagued with sore throat. For more details and information on home remedies for sore throat, check our website for more updates on home remedies for this painful sore throat.


Sore Throat on One Side – Right Way to Deal with It

Nobody likes to suffer from painful throat, especially sore throat on one side. This condition can bring severe levels of discomfort. It also affects day-to-day activities and actions such as talking, swallowing, chewing, and drinking.  Moreover, experiencing such can lead to absenteeism in both school and work.

Sore throat on one side can be an impending sign of other health threats. In most cases of it, 90 percent are because of viral infection. Viruses thrive everywhere in the environment. You might think that your surroundings are clean, when they are really not. Viruses make it easier for health conditions to be passed around. Direct contact with someone who has sore throat on one side increases your susceptibility to the disease. At the same time, you can be a carrier too.

In order for you to properly attend to your condition, you need to know all about what caused it. Once you have discussed your physician he might advise you to take in medications. Aside from that, here are some ways on how to treat sore throat on one side:

Vitamin C Treatment

If you have sore throat on one side, there is a high chance of it being a viral infection. Antibiotics are effective in killing bacteria but not viruses. Virus strains can be addressed only by the body’s immune system. If you can strengthen your immunity, you have better chances of warding off infection.

Vitamin C treatment is very effective and safe. So whether you are pregnant or not, you can still take in vitamin C as precautionary drug. There are different brands of vitamin C in the market. Just rely on to a brand that you always use and familiar with.

Aside from supplementation, you can get vitamin C from natural sources. Citrus fruits are good sources of it. They can be prepared as juices, shakes, mixed in with food, or eaten on its own. Get your daily dose of vitamin C by:

  1. Purchase plump, ripe, and juicy oranges.
  2. Cut into halves and extract all the juice from it.
  3. Prepare it however way you want. Add ice cubes for added relief. You can even blend it and make a smoothie.

As you work on your immunity, there are analgesics that you can take since vitamins do not get rid of the pain.

Use a Throat Spray

If you are at work, avoiding sore throat pain can be a big challenge. If you have client presentations and meetings, you have to make sure that you are in good shape. But since you have sore throat on one side, presenting your proposal or project plans is very hard to do.

For this case, throat sprays are for you. These sprays contain the right ingredients that can address the pain that you feel. They are also very easy to use.  Here is a guide how:

  1. Before you use sprays, make sure that you already brushed your teeth and gargled.
  2. Find the nozzle in the can. Direct it towards the opening of your mouth and press the spray button.
  3. Spray a little by little. Do not force it to avoid choking, especially among children.
  4. Allow the liquid to flow down your throat for added relief.
  5. Pregnant women and children should use this preferably with doctor’s prescription.

Before purchasing the throat spray, check the manufacturing and expiration date.

Throat Lozenges

Throat lozenges are also effective in treating sore throat. Out of all the treatment options available, they are the most convenient to use. These candies are readily available in most drug and convenience stores.

All you need to do is to pop it inside your mouth just like you would do with a piece of candy. Let the ingredients do their jobs of making the pain disappear. Other than alleviating the pain, lozenges can also ease the swelling. If you are suffering from dry throat as well, it can serve as a lubricant and “oil” your throat down. That way, if you will swallow in food, it will pass by easily. You will not have a hard time swallowing it.

Lozenges are also good in stimulating saliva production. Dry mouth is a common symptom of sore throat. Since you find it hard to drink, the tendency is you will lessen your water intake. This in turn will prevent the salivary glands to work. If this happens, you will suffer from both dry mouth and sore throat, worse halitosis.

Sore throat on one side is a very common health concern of many people worldwide. With that, never fret if you are beginning to feel the signs and symptoms of throat pain. There are various medical interventions and home remedies that you can always depend on. And they are just right there waiting for you.



Sore Throat and Headache – The Connection between Two Conditions

Both sore throat and headache are physical health conditions experienced by many people at anytime of the year. Everybody is at risk for it since there are a lot of factors in the environment that can trigger these diseases.

Once you have developed sore throat, another health-care concern that you might experience is headache. If you have sore throat and headache, this can only mean one thing – your immune system is down and you need to strengthen up in order for your body to combat the infection.

 Nature of sore throat

Sore throat happens when the back of the throat is infected. If this happens, the patient will usually feel severe pain that can affect his or her daily work. You will find it hard to drink, to eat, to swallow food, and even talking is difficult to do.

This condition is common during the winter seasons as virus strains are very active during this time of the year. Children aged five to 15 years old are also prone to developing it.

Understanding headache

Meanwhile, headache is a very simple condition that is trigged by a lot of things. Aside from sore throat, you can also get headache from any of the following – stress, lack of sleep, hunger, hangover from alcohol binging, allergies, coughing, and sneezing.

Headaches are also caused by sore throat. It can be accompanied by respiratory infection, sinus infection, strep throat, and flu.

First-aid care

In most cases these two are very easy to treat. For headaches, there are different brands of analgesic to choose from in the market. You have ibuprofen, paracetamol, and mefenamic acid. Sore throat, on the other hand, can be treated with home remedies.

Never let sore throat and headache get the best of you. Learning as much as you can about these conditions will equip you with the right ways to address them.


Sore Throat during Pregnancy – Things Every Women Should Know About

Pregnancy is a very exciting moment for both the mother and father. During this time, women are more prone to developing certain diseases, especially if their immune systems are compromised. There is an increased demand for expectant mothers to take extra care of their selves for the benefit of their unborn child since they cannot easily take in a lot of medicines. Aside from urinary tract infection, sore throat during pregnancy is very common among pregnant women.

In treating sore throat during pregnancy, the mother should be considerate about the medicines that she takes. There are several drugs out there that can have grave effects on her child. With that, home remedies are the best solutions for sore throat.

Steps to take in sore throat during pregnancy

For every pregnant woman, here are some things that you can do once you experience sore throat:

1.       Visit your OB-GYN

Pay a visit to your obstetrician. As much as possible, never self medicate because this can harm the fetus. Your doctor can best determine what you need to do or whether your sore throat is caused by the strep virus.

2.       Learn to love tea

At home, you can always drink tea for relief. Aside from the fact that tea is good for your overall health, this particular drink can help you relax and at the same time soothe your throat. Tea made from raspberry tea leaves, as a matter of fact, can help strengthen your uterine walls. This can help you during the process of labor.

3.       Milk and turmeric solution

Since pregnant women are always advised to drink milk for their child, add a bit of turmeric powder to it. Turmeric is one of the oldest and most effective ways to deal with sore throat.

When it comes to sore throat, pregnancy is really not the right time to have it. But there are ways on how you can prevent sore throat during pregnancy – strengthen your immune system.


Home Remedies for Sore Throat – A Guide to Better Recovery

You can you have sore throat when all of a sudden your throat feels dry, itchy, scratchy, and swollen. It is also painful to swallow food and drink beverages because you feel like there are little pins pricking all over your throat. Sore throat is not really an illness. It is more of a sign just like fever. Your body tells you that you might encounter a disease at any time. Given that, knowing the different home remedies for sore throat will help you a lot in countering the other complications associated with this condition.

As mentioned, sore throat is an impending sign of an upcoming disease. If you know how to address sore throat, you will be able to prevent it from worsening.

Here is a simple guide on what the best home remedies for sore throat are:

1.    Have adequate rest

Rest can help speed up your recovery. If you need to work or go to school, do excuse yourself for a couple of days. While sore throat in general is not really infectious, there is a chance that you might spread the bacteria to your officemates and colleagues. A few days off work will help you get better. Add up a couple more hours of sleep. This allows your body to recover.

2.    Get hydrated

Drinking adequate amounts of water will help soothe your throat. Water also helps flush out the pain-causing bacteria from your throat. At least eight to 10 glasses of water will suffice.

3.    Have something hot

Hot beverages and food like soup can help alleviate the pain that you feel. You can also drink apple cider vinegar since it has curing and antimicrobial properties that can easily address the swelling of your throat.

4.    Use a throat spray

Throat sprays are good home remedies for sore throat. If you are too busy to pay a visit to your physician, these sprays can provide you with the temporary relief that you seek. If you cannot bear to stay at home for a few days because you have deadlines to meet, throat sprays are very convenient to bring wherever you are.

5.    Drink tea

Aside from their calming properties, teas are very comforting for your throat. There are different types of tea that you can choose from and they are the following – chamomile, ginger, honey, sage, peppermint, honey tea and more.  If you have fresh herbs and leaves with you, you can brew it and drink the juice out. However, if you are not sure of how to prepare tea drinks, there are powdered versions of it in the market.

6.    Take honey syrup

Honey acts as a lubricant. It also has the ability to help speed up the recovery of your throat. It can lessen the pain a lot and relieve you of your burden.

Home remedies for sore throat are very effective. They are also safe to be used by patients of all age. Since these remedies are all natural, they can also be used to treat your children and the elderly members of the family.


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